Bronzing line for tyre bead wire

Bead wire is a bronze-coated wire used to reinforce tyres. Sirio Wire provides a modern, cutting-edge bronzing line for this particular sort of wire.

A bronzing line is made up of different sections:

  1.  A stress relieving lead bath;
  2. A cleaning and pickling section;
  3.  A bronzing section

Those lines operate at a very high speed (up to 500 m/min) with wire diameters oscillating between 0.8mm and 1.8 mm.

The line is made of a set of polypropylene or stainless steel working basins and a set of tanks made of polypropylene welded plates. Collecting pipes feed the working basins before the bath is pumped from the storage tank located below by vertical pumps. The alignment of the working basins allows for straight line guiding of the wire, without any deviation, thus resulting is easy threading.

The most critical step of the line is to obtain a perfectly clean wire entering the bronze plating line. It is thus indispensable to remove all soaps residuals remaining from the previous drawing process and any oxide present on the wire to get the perfect adherence of the bronze on the substrate.

We recommend using a combined system. The first step consists in electrolytic cleaning in an alkaline bath to remove any residue of soap present on the wire. Then, in a second while, the wire enters an electrolytic pickling bath to remove any oxide present and to activate the surface of the wire for the deposit of the bronze coating.

The bronze coating process is carried out using an overflow working basin at controlled temperature. Agitation takes place in the bath to improve the coating process.

Seeing that the speed of the wire is very high in this sort of line, special attention must be given to all rinsing and air wiping processes. Sirio Wire has designed a special very efficient solution to reduce as much as the absolute minimum.

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