HCl fumeless pickling and H2SO4 electrolytic pickling

Sirio Wire srl specializes in the chemical and electrochemical treatment of the wire in line. Treatments also include HCl fumeless pickling and H2SO4 electrolytic pickling, which can be used in galvanizing, phosphating or still, in plating processing lines.

The Sirio Wire fumeless pickling bath is made of polypropylene, which allows for more flexibility in the design of the line than the classical GRP. Special attention is given to the water cascade at the entrance and the exit of the line. A water seal that continuously recycles water is placed on the lateral sides of the bath. This system guarantees a perfect sealing, even in the event that the cover should be slightly deformed. Furthermore, the lateral sealing is used for a particularly easy and quick threading of the wire in the bath.
The polypropylene cover can be easily opened with a crane or a forklift for the maintenance and cleaning of the bath. The bottom of the reservoir tank slopes in the direction of the drain to facilitate the removal of the sludge.

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When space is an issue or if speed is particularly high, electrolytic pickling in H2SO4 can be an excellent alternative to HCl pickling. In the case of a galvanizing line, special care has to be taken over the rinsing sections that come directly after the pickling bath to avoid sulphuric acid pollution of the flux bath. Sirio Wire uses a special cascading high pressure-rinsing device to solve this problem.

Using an electrolytic process, the duration of the pickling bath can be two or three times shorter than with a chemical process. Through the alternation of anodes and cathodes immersed in several separated working tanks, the Sirio Wire electrolytic pickling takes place without the wire having any contacts.